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Neural therapy

Neural therapy

Neural therapy offers targeted treatment for musculoskeletal pain. This method has been used with success to treat acute pain in joints, scars, shoulder-neck area, and lumbar spine. It consists of injecting anaesthetics and other substances that reduce muscle tension and directly numb the nerves. Long-lasting effects can be achieved by adding anti-inflammatory medication.

Neural therapy
Neural therapy

Which health conditions can be treated using this method?

Very good results have been achieved especially in the treatment of conditions caused by focal disorders (such as scars or injuries) after injuries, or osteoarthritis (joint damage due to heavy wear and tear). Usually, this method is used for treating knees, hips, shoulders, wrists, ankle joints, elbow joints, and the spine.

How long does the therapy take?

In most cases, three injections on three separate days are sufficient. Occasionally, another series is required within a few weeks. A session typically lasts 5-10 minutes. There is also additional individual waiting time following the injection.

What happens during the treatment?

The treatment involves an injection directly into the affected area. The injection is made using an ultra-thin needle under strict infection control measures. The injection site is carefully selected so that the patient usually only feels a little sting. After a short waiting time, the patient can leave the surgery.

When can I expect an improvement?

The effect sets in quite fast, often on the same day. The healing processes take place more slowly, and a final result can only be expected 1-2 weeks after the last injection.

Is the therapy associated with any risks or side effects?

The therapy is usually tolerated very well. There may be occasional irritations which manifest themselves by a sensation of warmth and mild pain. Bacterial infections may occur whenever the skin is injured, including during injections. However, this is quite rare. Adverse side effects or complications are also possible. You will receive detailed information about them before the treatment. Examples are haematomas or allergic reactions.

What does the therapy cost, and who pays for it?

The costs are covered by most private health insurance funds. The workers’ compensation board will reimburse some costs upon application. The costs are generally not covered by the statutory health insurance. The patient will be issued a private invoice according to the cost estimate, and will be required to settle the invoice himself/herself. The good news for patients is, these costs are usually tax-deductible. An injection costs typically between € 10 and € 50, depending on the injection area.

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