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Klinik 2000 GmbH
Managing director: Dr. Manfred Lais

This Internet offer is made by the group practice of Dr. Scheibe, Dr. Quarck, Dr. Lais, and Dr. Mayer.
Gemeinschaftspraxis Dr. Scheibe, Dr. Quarck, Dr. Lais, Dr. Mayer

Wirthstr. 11 A
Telephone: 0761 / 88 85 890
Fax: 0761 / 88 85 8999

Legal designation of specialty:
Dr. Scheibe: Specialist in surgery and sports medicine
Dr. Lais: Specialist in orthopedics and sports medicine
Dr. Quarck: Specialist in surgery and accident surgery
Dr. Mayer: Specialist in surgery and orthopedics

All the specialty designations were issued in Germany. All the physicians belong to the State Chamber of Physicians of Baden-Württemberg, as required.
The supervising authority is the Physicians Health Fund Federation of Südbaden. You can find the current rules of the profession by using the search function with the search terms "Sonderdruck“ and "Berufsordnung“ on the home page of the Physician Chamber off Baden-Württemberg.

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