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Hip surgery

Hip surgery

Minimally invasive hip surgery (arthroscopy)

Dr. Manfred Lais is our specialist in the field of hip arthroscopy. He has been performing these arthroscopic procedures for many years, and is thus very experienced in this area.
The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and requires in-patient hospitalization for a few days. An optical system and instruments are inserted into the joint through several tiny skin incisions. It is possible to simultaneously assess and treat joint damage (smoothing the cartilage or drilling and grinding of defect zones). Tears on the margin of the acetabular cup (labrum damage) are smoothed or sutured. Removing bone attachments from the femoral neck or the margin of the acetabular cup improves joint mobility and eliminates painful entrapment.

Follow-up treatment

Immediately after the surgery, our patients are allowed to bear 10-20 kg load on the hip joint. Usually, walking aids must be used for 2 weeks. Treatments of the cartilage (drilling, grinding) require a longer period of strain relief. Physiotherapy and movement exercises using the CPM splint begin on the day of the surgery.

Artificial hip joint, hip joint replacement (total hip arthroplasty, prosthesis)

Joint replacement using so-called endoprostheses has been used for over 50 years with very good results. In recent years, there has been a further development towards tissue-conserving, minimally invasive surgical procedures. The method we use allows the artificial joint to be inserted without the need to sever the tendon or muscle. The goal is to help our patients recover faster and achieve good long-term results.

The joint is enclosed on the outside by a capsule and forms its own unit. It is surrounded by a dense muscle coat, which is responsible for stability and active movement. There are two natural muscle gaps at the front. The surgeon can use them as an access route for minimally invasive interventions. It is not necessary to cut or detach muscle, which is a huge advantage for the follow-up treatment.
The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and requires in-patient hospitalization for 7 to 10 days. The surgery takes approx. one to one and a half hours. Depending on the body size and weight, the scar varies in length from 8 to 12 centimetres.

Follow-up treatment

Usually, full weight bearing is permitted immediately. Walking sticks are only used for a few days, if necessary, to ensure stability. In the first 4 weeks after the surgery, treatment with heparin injections or special pills is necessary. Follow-up treatment can be carried out on an outpatient or inpatient basis.

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