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Foot Anatomy

Foot Anatomy

Most people pay little attention to their feet. Often the feet are neglected and forced into shoes that are unhealthy or too narrow. In such cases, the entire weight of the body falls on them. During one's life, our feet carry us around the earth several times.
The normally formed foot has three major loadbearing points: the calcaneum (heel bone), the big toe, and the little toe. The foot consists in total of 26 bones, held together by ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Consequently, coherent construction is necessary for the functioning of the foot. A differentiated balance exists, where small changes in one part have an effect on the totality of the position and form of the foot.

Foot problems
Many people regularly suffer from painful feet with pressure sores, calluses, and corns. There are often malformations of the foot and of the toes. Most foot problems can be improved or even completely removed without an operation. Inserts, appropriate shoes, and/or cushioning are crucial measures.
In some ailments, an operation is necessary. The purpose of this operation is to correct the disturbed functioning of the foot and thereby to remove the pain.

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