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Dr. med. D. Frohnmüller

Dr. med. David Frohnmüller

Specialist in surgery, orthopedics, and accident surgery, additional training in special accident surgery.

Telefon: 0761/888 58 90

  • Minimally invasive hip endoprosthesis
  • Knee endoprosthesis
  • Sports traumatology
  • Arthroscopy (knee, shoulder, ankle joint)
  • Accident surgery on the upper and lower extremities
  • Operations and conservative treatment for joint diseases.
Dr. med. David Frohnmüller

Curriculum vitae

High school and academic education:

  • 5/1990 : High school matriculation certificate from the Max-Planck-Gymnasium Lahr
  • 10/1990-6/1992 : Civil service emergency service of the German Red Cross Lahr, Training as an emergency health technician
  • 10/1992-4/1999 : Study of human medicine at Albert-Ludwig University Freiburg
  • 1995 : Physics
  • 1996 : First state qualifying examination
  • 1999:  Second state qualifying examination
  • 5/1999-5/2000 : Medical practice year in Karlsruhe and Innsbruck
  • 2000 : Third state qualifying examination
  • 2000 : Full licensing
  • 2004 : 07.11.2002 Doctorate under Prof. Burkert Pieske: "The Effect of Calcium Antagonists Amlodipine and Diltiazem on Human Myocardial Insufficiency"
  • 2006 : Specialty physician and surgery (Freiburg Chamber of Physicians)
  • 2008 : Specialty physician for orthopedics and accident surgery (Freiburg Chamber of Physicians)
  • 2011 : Additional qualification for special accident surgery (Freiburg Chamber of Physicians)

Physician training and functions:
As assistant physician:

  • 11/2000-4/2003 : General, thoracic, and vascular surgery, Hôpital Civil de Colmar, Dr. Maguin
  • 5/2003-10/2003 : Surgical intensive care station, Hôpital Civil de Colmar, Dr. Loeb
  • 11/2003-12/2004 : Orthopedics and accident surgery, Hôpital Civil de Colmar, Dr. Jacquemaire
  • 01/2005-12/2005 : Intestinal surgery, University clinic of Strasbourg, Prof. Marescaux

As provisional senior physician:

  • 01/2006-7/2008 : Orthopedics and accident surgery, Hôpital Civil de Colmar, Dr. Schwartz

As senior physician

  • 08/2008-5/2011 : Orthopedics and accident surgery, Hôpital Civil de Colmar, Dr. Schwartz

Since 6/2011: Employed specialty physician in the group practice of Drs. Lais, Scheibe, Quarck, Mayer in Praxisklink 2000

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