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Dr. med. A. Scheibe

Dr. med. Andreas Scheibe

Specialist in surgery and sports medicine

Telefon: 0761/888 58 90

Operations and conservative treatment for joint diseases. Reconstructive joint surgery, sports injuries. Knee surgery (minimally invasive operations (arthroscopy), cartilage replacement, meniscus surgery, cruciate ligament reconstruction,  treatment ofarthrosis), elbow and ankle joint surgery.
Instructor in arthroscopy. Authorization for continuing education in surgery 1 year.

Dr. med. Andreas Scheibe

Curriculum vitae

Professional career

  • 1975 beginning of study of human medicine at the  Albert-Ludwig University Freiburg i.Br.
  • Doctoral degree 1981: The effect of total heart size on hemodynamics
  • Various heart problems.
  • 1981 Army physician and activity as assistant in a general medical practice
  • Specialty training in surgery:
  • 1982 St. Josef Hospital Freiburg (Supervising physician Prof. Dr. A. Jünemann)
  • 1986 Regional Hospital  Rosmann in Breisach with 2 years of activity as an emergency physician (Supervising physician  Dr. F. Herdter)
  • 1988 Regional hospital in Lahr (Supervising physicians Prof. Dr.G.Mangold and Prof. Dr. H. Schmelzeisen)
  • 1989 Certification as specialist in surgery
  • 1989 Senior physician in surgery Regional Hospital Rosmann in Breisach
  • 1990 General practice as surgeon
  • 1990 office as an outpatient operating surgeon in Freiburg i.Br.

Specialty area

  • Joint surgery, especially arthroscopic surgery of the knee joint, elbow joint, and thigh joint
  • Active in arthroscopy since 1983
  • 1997 qualification as AGA instructor

Sports medicine

  • In addition to additional qualification in sports medicine, certification as trainer for gymnastics (training at the German Gymnastics School Frankfurt,  Volleyball trainer licenses B+ C South Baden Volleyball Federation)
  • Long-time competitive athlete (track and field, table tennis, volleyball)
  • Marathon running, skiing, surfing, sailing, gymnastics

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